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==>Sometimes It's Our Mistakes That Make for the Greatest Ideas<== [entries|friends|calendar]

people are going to want you,**need you, exceed you, / take you, beat you,love you, hate you,**play you, rate you,**save you, & break you**--but thats not what makes you!


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sorry [Monday
03/06/06 @ 3:57pm]
[ mood | loved ]

hey yall.. im sorry i havnt updated much.. things have been weird.. i got a new lj though.. yanno.. kinda to start things over again... if that makes sense.. if you wanna add me cool.. if not no biggie.. i understand i havnt been the best lj friend.. but heres my new name.. GangsterOfLove6... i hope you all understand..

Mucho Mucho Love!!

Im NOTBroken

02/02/06 @ 6:02pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i have the sweetest boyfriend ever.. okie so yanno those little machines that you can get little rings and bracelets for like 75 cents and stuff.. well.. Rick got me a bracelet that says LOVE on it.. i know it didnt cost much but thats not what matters to me.. I love the little things like this, i mean to me its so much more romantic and stuff im weird i guess. My friend Lacy and I were talking and she asked me what the most romantic way to be proposed would be.. to me.. itd be just like totally random when we;re doing somethign fun and stuff.. i mean the whole dinner and stuff is nice.. but thats not me.. the most romantic thing to me is when we;re like playing in the park and he just suddenly proposes i know im weird but yeah. someone sent me this picture of this ring.. omg it soo pretty .. it costs like 900 hundred dollars which is wayyy to effing much for someone to spend on me.. its pretty though..


alright this way a pretty random update btu yeah =]

Im NOTBroken

thinking out loud [Thursday
02/02/06 @ 3:10pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

I figured I was overdue for an update. Im gonna be moving in with Rick next month..YAY.. but its not soon enough if you ask me. Things are going so amazingly between us. I'm just in heaven. I know things arnt always going to be this peachy and everything and we will have our fights and stuff, but we'll make it through it, thats part of a rlationship, its not all easy, its work but I know we're gonna make it. Although mom and dad have no faith at all in us and hate my decision to move out... its just something I know I have to do. Mom and dad seem to think we wont make it and I'll end up moving back in with them, but after everything thats been said theres no way I could move back in number 1.. number 2 we'll make it.. I will do everything in my power to prove them wrong and show them that we'll make it. They think I wont get done with my schooling and stuff, but I will... I can make like 32 bucks an hour beign a nurse and I'll always have a job becuase theres such a shortage. We'll prove them wrong. I'm just happy we have someone backing us up... his mom supports us in our decision, I just wish my parents would. They say I'm making a mistake, but if I am... then this is a mistake I need to make. But I know its not going to be a mistake. I know this is the best decision I've ever made. Granted its the hardest one I've ever had to make but I know its the right one. I know it.

But other than that.. I have to get some things in order rather quickly, I got my ACT scores back finally. I'm really not happy about them. I got a 19.. granted I did better than a lot of people I go to school with but I needed a 21 to get into nursing school at LLCC. But idk about them right now.. LLCC and St.John's hospital is in a lot of trouble for ristricting the people who go into nursing school.. they're the only school in the state who has a 2 year waiting list to get in and theyre just a community college. But I'm thinking by time I get some of the required corses done that allt hat will be fixed and I can get into the nursing school.

On another note.. I still havnt started my period. I called the doctor and they told me to take yet another pregnancy test and to call back next week if it comes out negitive and I still havnt started my period.. its been like 2 and 1/2 months.. i would think they'd wanna get me in to have everything checked out, but I guess not.  I'm just sick of waiting around, I want to know if I am or not already.. Its driving me out of my tree..

Well thats about it for me for the time being, I hope all of you are doing well my lovies

Im NOTBroken

thinking a bit [Tuesday
01/24/06 @ 9:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I'm thinking I need to move out.. things around here are just weird now.. I mean mom is like forcing herself to talk to me almost and dad wont even talk to me. I dont know maybe things would be better without me living here. Like between mom & dad & I and stuff. Mom and I talked last night & she said that she knows I'm 18 and out of high school now and I'm a woman and everything now, but she objects to me moving in with Rick and everything & I understand why.. I understand its because she doesn't want Nevaeh too recognize Rick as Daddy & have something happen and us break up and Nevaeh be heartbroken and shes scared I wouldn't get my schooling done and stuff.. but I would.. I know I would. I don't know, I'm just kinda venting right now. We shall see.. If I dont have my period by monday then I have to call my doctor and I'll see what she says. Time will tell for everything..

Im NOTBroken

some quotes Ive found [Tuesday
01/24/06 @ 5:16pm]
[ mood | restless ]

All a girl really wants is somebody who will sit with her under the stars and not want anything more than to look into her eyes & say.."You're the one I've been waiting for"

I look at you & think "this is the way it's supposed to be".

This is what I've been waiting for. This is everything. You're my everything

she may be confused about a lot of things but she knows the only time she's truly happy is when she's with him

Tell her she's gorgeous kiss her like she’s famous

I could kiss a million guys and it still wouldn’t mean half as much as it does just to hold your hand

no camera could ever capture the look in her eyes, & the feeling in her heart when she looks at him

You don't have to promise me the moon or the stars. Just promise me that you'll stand under them with me.

&& this girl, yeah, she's totally in love with this guy.. she'd go to the highest extreme, just to see him smile

you're the definition of the absolute best. you're the reason I get through life when it's a total mess


Im NOTBroken

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